When Objectivists are right, but tedious

Forbes: The Dog-Eat-Dog Welfare State Is Lose-Lose

“That’s the beauty of capitalism. Because all economic relationships are voluntary, people only enter into them when each party thinks it’s to his advantage. When you accept a job, for instance, it’s not because the employer forced you to work at the point of a gun. It’s because you valued the paycheck more than other possible uses of your time. It’s a gain for you and a gain for your employer.”

See, the problem isn’t with what they’re saying. I tend to agree with 95% of Objectivist political philosophy. The problem is that Objectivists are awful writers. They actually try to incorporate stock phrases and cliches into their writing because they are the stock phrases and cliches used by the Dear Leader.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect Ayn Rand quite a bit. But she wasn’t perfect and she’s dead now. Reciting her words and treating her ideas as inerrant is a combination of creepy and tiresome to people not devoted to following her. I suppose you could say that I think Objectivism has a lot in common with religion; which is to say they’re imperfect human endeavors bereft of revelation.


Dr. Drew (alleged) pill pimp

DOJ Alleges Glaxo Paid Dr. Drew $275K To Talk Sexy About Wellbutrin

“The allegations date back to March and April 1999, when the good doctor was co-hosting Loveline on both the radio and on MTV… and also possibly getting paid $275,000 to mention Wellbutrin without revealing that he was getting paid to do so.”

I’m shocked, shocked to find less than ethical doctors on television.