California State University, Bakersfield offers bullshit, for a small fee

So, it’s come to this.

Image (S/S: 17July2012)

California State University, Bakersfield–my beloved alma mater–is offering classes in pseudoscience. Granted it is through the extended university and also granted that the EU is generally a profit center for Universities, but that is no excuse. What doth it profit a man to gain $209 if he loses his intellectual integrity?

If you’re unaware that the three courses described above are pseudoscientific twaddle that don’t belong in a reputable University, then turn off your goddamned computer right now and pick up a book. (Start with Carl Sagan, move to James Randi, then turn your computer back on and go to


What I meant to say…

Gerard Murphy of Catholic Monthly Newsletter has opinions.

Helping victims of a College Education

ONE tragic side effect of modern education is that it leaves many young people more obtuse than they were when they first entered college or university. They end up with their B.A.s, Ph.D.s or M.Sc.s, and not knowing God, or with no vibrant relationship with him.

Can you imagine going to school to study Mathematics and not being taught that 1+1+1 can equal 1?

Yet, having thus become no-brainers and no- hopers, they think they are so cool.

“Cool” is a word the kids today use, right?

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What is a foot race?

London 2012 Olympics: Games legend Michael Johnson believes Oscar Pistorius has an ‘unfair advantage’

Oscar Pistorius is a double amputee who runs track using prosthetic legs. Some say this may give him an unfair advantage over whole bodied individuals.

I say that it poses and interesting question into the purposes of track and field competitions. Say two people, Adam and Bert, are competing in a foot race. Each competitor trains 8 hours a day, has the best equipment, and is in top physical form. But runner Adam was born with a slight genetic edge over runner Bert, so Adam wins. Is it fair to reward Adam for a characteristic over which he has no control?

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Dr. Drew (alleged) pill pimp

DOJ Alleges Glaxo Paid Dr. Drew $275K To Talk Sexy About Wellbutrin

“The allegations date back to March and April 1999, when the good doctor was co-hosting Loveline on both the radio and on MTV… and also possibly getting paid $275,000 to mention Wellbutrin without revealing that he was getting paid to do so.”

I’m shocked, shocked to find less than ethical doctors on television.